Updated: 2/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • see? did you expect all of these images?
  • we could add more examples, but it's important that we make conscience
  • come with me!
  • eat less meat :)
  • use less plastic
  • taking care of the water
  • recicle!!!
  • reversing the damage is not impossible, let's see how we can do it
  • planting trees and taking care of them
  • using alternative energy production
  • I put the trash in different trash cans
  • when it rains, in a bucket I collect water so I can use it later
  • and, in your houses, what do you do to improve?
  • idk
  • now, we are going to see some examples of what we have caused
  • we really have to make conscience
  • in India, the temperature has reached the 50.6 degrees Celsius
  • in Japan, the rainfalls have increased because heat
  • in Brazil, the Amazon's freshwaters have been affected
  • *image*
  • *image*
  • *image*
  • here we have some images, so we can think of what we've done
  • *image*