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Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • 1) lavee and Paraay passed away the new paraay Rose to power which is not a friend of the Jews
  • 2) The Jews are so many If one of our enemies try to attack the Jews attack from the inside I need to think of a plant fast
  • 1) paraay talked about it with his advisors
  • 3) First race the taxes so thay have no money then make a royal building project and they will get paid that one day announced they will not get paid and there have no children
  • 4) A wonderful idea
  • 2) Royal advisors I need a way to make the Jews stop having children
  • 1) The Royal announcer did what he was told
  • 2) Harry Harry your taxes are being race
  • 2) Yes but tribe lavee doesn't want to work so let's try to convince them
  • 4) Oh yeah right so we're ready
  • 3) Isn't there a law that we cannot slave the loyal Jews
  • 1) Do we have enough Jews working for us yet
  • 1) The Jews has no more money
  • 3) I can't wait tomorrow to go to work
  • Sign up to work
  • 2) Hello
  • 6) Okay tomorrow at 10:00...next
  • 5) Hi can I sign up to work
  • Sign up to work
  • 4) Why is everyone sleeping
  • 4) One second look I need to work very fast
  • 1) When the Jews came to work there were very shocked
  • 3) I can't believe paraay is working on this this is really important
  • 2) Is that really him
  • 1) When the Jews came the following day they're up to a surprise
  • 2) Harry Harry good news now you can serve the king without being paid
  • 6) yes exactly now get to work
  • 4) How we're going to support our families
  • 5) What do you think we are? your slaves
  • 3) Without being paid we won't work!!!
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