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Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • 6) no! no!!!
  • 2) Actually it would seem that it needs a bit more time to be effective, Oh no!
  • 10) A boy will grow up and leave the juice to freedom
  • 8) you won't like it
  • 4) That's not good
  • 3) What?!  5) What?!7)I command you to tell me what you're seeing now!
  • 1) The Jews for sure forgot the'r past. right, stargazer?
  • 9) I! won't! like! whaaatt?
  • 11) guards call the Jewish midwives
  • 1) The Jewish midwives came
  • 3) a few days later
  • 5) When we came there already given birth
  • 6) Well from now on the baby boys are going to be thrown into the Nile River but this time it's going to be the soldiers of the Egyptian Empire who will carry out my orders
  • 2) I order you to take all the Jewish boys and kill them
  • 4) Why did you not do as I commanded you?
  • 1) Haha I made my baby cries so everyone else's baby cries
  • 6) They're taking our boys now?! now we're not going to help!
  • 3) I do not know
  • 4) Okay now meik the Egyptian boys be thrown into the Nile River
  • 2) Is a baby Egyptian or Jewish
  • 5) I found another boy let me throw him to the Nile River even though he's a Egyptian
  • 1) Miriam your parents will give birth to the Redeemer of Israel
  • 2) Miriam your father is having a port in meeting
  • 1) Harry Harry old Jewish boys
  • 4) Anyone else find any other Jewish boys
  • 3) I'm joining two
  • 2) It's so much fun joining
  • 5) Yes
  • 3) But my dear Miriam y
  • 2) Father your decree is worse than Paraay! he's only acting against the boys but your decrees also the end of the girls! for the sake of the Jewish people you must remarry at once!
  • 4) Listen to me father Hashem will send you a child who will lead our people to Freedom!
  • 1) Fellow Jews after I've seen all of the baby boys being thrown into the Nile I no longer see the reason I bring them into this world
  • 1) Haha I made my baby cries so everyone else's baby cries
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