the many settlements
Updated: 2/2/2021
the many settlements

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  • Plymouth colony
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  • Massachusetts bay
  • Rhode island
  • The founder of the plymouth colony were the separatists. They were not allowed to practice their own religion in England. so they traveled to plymoth.With only the supplies they had brought, and no other settlers inthe area, the Plymouth colony suffered many hardships and illnesses that first winter. When spring arrived, about half of the settlers had died
  • Connecticut
  • The Puritans obtained a charter in 1629 for the The pruits abtained a charter in 1629 for the Massachusetts. This group of people had wanted to make changes to the church of of England. They made king james and many of the leaders of the church mad so they put many pruitens in jail. In the summer of 1630, a small fleet of eleven ships with about 1,000 people arrived.
  • New Hampshire
  • One important person is roger williams he believed that people should not get punished for what they believe. Another important person in Rhode Island is Anne Hutchinson. Anne Hutchinson spoke out against Puritan ministers and was tried in 1637. At hertrial she was found guilty.
  • settlers and native Americans
  • People found connecticut for huge farm lands. In England they didn't have good soil to grow crops and have huge plantations so they went to connecticut to grow crop.The Connecticut River Valley was just west of Rhode Island.
  • It was located near the Connecticut river.They went to new Hampshire so the Pruitt can practice their own religion.When the pruitts went to new hampshire their leader was hooker he also had his wife with him,there where also 60 followers.
  • The wamponag and the Pilgrims joined together because they wanted to celebrate the harvest so the hunted deer and ate together