Versions of Willy Loman
Updated: 7/22/2020
Versions of Willy Loman
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  • This Saturday, Pop, this Saturday- just for you, I'm going to break through for a touchdown.
  • Father Willy
  • That's why I thank Almighty God you're both built like Adonises. Because the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead.
  • I'm losing weight, you notice, Pop?
  • Hopeful Willy
  • I'll see Oliver tomorrow.
  • That is a one-million-dollar idea!
  • Baby, we could sell sporting goods!
  • Depressed Willy
  • Here, Willy is being a father figure to Biff and Happy. He is so proud that his boys are well liked. He knows that being well liked means they will be successful. However, he fails to realize that Biff is failing math and that he favors Biff over Happy, who is craving his father's attention. His obsession with the American dream is shown here as that is what he is constantly thinking about for both him and his boys.
  • Insecure Willy
  • I always felt that if a man was impressive, and well liked, that nothing...
  • Why must everybody like you?How much do you need, Willy?
  • Biff and Happy are attempting to please their father with a business idea they have. Willy gets excited because he's confident the idea will work. He knew he taught his boys well, and it is finally paying off. Like he said before, as long as you're well liked, you will make it far! It didn't matter that Biff failed math - they are both living up to their father's American dream.
  • Defensive Willy
  • When the hell did I lose my temper? I simply asked him if he was making any money. Is that a criticism?
  • He was crestfallen, Willy. You know how he admires you. I think if he finds himself, then you'll both be happier and not fight anymore.
  • Willy begs his boss to increase his pay and limit his travel. Unfortunately, he ends up getting fired from his job. Willy's stress level is on the rise because he doesn't know how he will pay the bills and doesn't want to disappoint his wife, Linda. His self confidence decreases because he feels even less liked now which doesn't make for a good salesman. His idea of fulfilling the American dream has taken a sharp turn.
  • Dead Willy
  • I put thirty-four years into this firm, Howard, and now I can't pay my insurance!
  • You'll have to excuse me, Willy, I gotta see some people. Pull yourself together.
  • Willy is insecure because he has to ask others for money. He is coming to realize that he is not well liked and maybe not a good salesman after-all. He has been lying to his wife about how much he makes, but she knows the truth. Willy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His perfect life of fulfilling the American dream just isn't possible anymore and he doesn't know how to handle that.
  • Throughout the play Willy gets very defensive mostly about his identity and money. He is not sure of who he is because he slowly realizes he isn't well liked as he originally thought. He also can't seem to make ends meet which impedes on his self confidence and worth, hence why he becomes so defensive regarding these subjects. Eventually, his stress and low self-esteem continue to push him to take his own life.
  • After Willy Loman took his own life, his family still tries to fulfill his American dream. This goes to show how loyal his family was, even though he didn't realize it. Willy did not face his issues. He left his family without a husband and without a father. All of his abandonment issues he faced as a child are now transferred onto his own family. Willy's death is a symbol of his anger towards his own father and the way his sons treated him.
  • I made the last payment on the house today. Today, dear. And there'll be nobody home. We're free and clear.
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