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Updated: 1/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Staying Neutral
  • We are not going to war!
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • We need the Louisiana territory
  • George Washington was one of the greatest leaders America has had. He was reasonable and he knew what was good for his people. For example, during the war between the French and Britain, he decided to stay neutral. In the textbook it states, "Washington hoped that the United States could stay neutral and not take either side ." This shows that Washington did not want to go to war. His actions might have saved a lot of his people. 
  • The Whiskey Rebellion
  • Thomas Jefferson was another great leader in his time as president. He made the choice of purchasing the Louisiana purchase. In the text it states, "After a few days of negotiation, the parties agreed on a price of $15 million." This was a great act of leadership since Jefferson thought about what his people needed. His people needed more land and even though Jefferson didn't have full authority to buy the land, it really helped the united states and its people.
  • Avoiding War
  • The United States had many conflicts with it economy. The Whiskey Tax Act made it even worse. Many farmers started to rebel against this tax. Washington even had to send troops to stop the farmers from doing anything bad. In the text it states, "Washington sent federal troops to meet the challenge." This evidence proves that Washington was willing to use troops against his own people in order to keep things balanced. He did not want any conflict between them.
  • Maintain order
  • Thomas Jefferson knew better then to go to war and that's a reason why he was such a great leader. In the text it states, "... but President Jefferson wanted to avoid war... Jefferson banned some trade with Britain." This proves how Jefferson was a reasonable person and he tried solving the problem without harming any of his people. This proves how his leadership included caring for everyone.
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