Decision Making Skills
Updated: 4/16/2020
Decision Making Skills

Storyboard Description

Short Story Board showing the use of the DECIDE model in decision making situations.

Storyboard Text

  • Determining the situation
  • I can't help you there Bobby maybe you should ask some coaches or other students which one you should play.
  • Hey Jeff spring sports are coming up and I'm not sure which sport I should play?
  • Exploring your options
  • Well I have three choices Baseball, Track, or Lacrosse
  • Have you decided what sport you're going to play yet?
  • Examining your options
  • Hey Mr. Winker I am trying to figure out which spring sport to play and I know you are a track coach and so I thought I should ask you if joining track would be a good idea?
  • I think it would be a very wise choice to join track we have a lot of fun out there.
  • Payton I have a quick question to ask you, Since you were in golf last year I thought I should ask you if joining golf would be a good idea?
  • Hey Jaskell I think you should join golf we have a good ol' time.
  • Hey Mr. Mestek I was wondering if it would be a good decision to join baseball again this year
  • Hey Jaskell I think it would be a wonderful decision to join baseball again you really improved last year.
  • well I know whatever sport I choose it will be very beneficial. It's just a matter of which one I would enjoy.
  • I think I will go with baseball this year and if I don't enjoy it then I will try a different sport next year.
  • Sweet good choice.
  • Hey Jaskell did you decide which sport yet?
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