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Updated: 12/17/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Hello Mr. Dred Scott, my name is John Emerson and you'll be working for me now so lets go to Alabama now we have work to do
  • OHHH OKK I guess you be the man I have to work for now
  • Hiiii I'm Dred Scott
  • Hello Mr. Scott I'm Harriet Tubman
  • In Louis Missouri 1831 a enslave that goes by the name Dred Scott was a slave that wanted his freedom. A man name John Emerson who asked Dred to work for him and move to Alabama.
  • John Emerson took Dred Scott to Alabama to work which was a frees state at the time. Dred Scott proceed with doing all the work.
  • because I lived with this man in two different free states
  • Dred Scott why is you suing this man for your freedom?
  • In Fort Snelling Missouri Dred Scott stumble across a another slave which was a women name Harriet Tubman later on they got married in 1836/1837.
  • In 1843 40 years old John Emerson died from tuberculosis and Dred, Harriet, and their children were hired out by Mrs. John Emerson to work for other families in St. Louis.
  • Later after John Emerson died Dred Scott decided to take the case to court which became as Dred Scott v. Sanford. The case didn't as plan because Dred was a slave.
  • After Eleven years of fighting with the Supreme Court finally Dred and his family gained their freedom.