Gay Lussac's Law

Gay  Lussac's Law

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  • OH NO mom why did we stop?
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • I'm sorry honey, unfortunately our car had flat tire.
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • Mom what will happen to us now?
  • Don't worry we have spares in the trunk.
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • I wonder what could've cause this flat, because we didn't run over anything.
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • General Chemistry
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • Ma'am can I ask a question?
  • Sure Bianca what it is?
  • Good question. It could have been the heat.
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • Gay Lussac's Law
  • When temperature increases, pressure increases.
  • This is because hot weather means more temperature which allows pressure to. Usually hot tires tend to explode in hot weather.
  • The next day, I was in General Chemistry Class and I remember our incident yesterday and I decided to ask.
  • Yesterday, Me and my mom were driving and our car got flat without running over. So I was wondering why you think we had flat tires?
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