Heccin Fairy Tail
Updated: 1/24/2020
Heccin Fairy Tail
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This is the story of the Little Mermaid.

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  • Ariel is exploring with her friend Flounder. Ariel was always a curious mermaid, swimming away from the reef and exploring sunken ships and caves. She had recently escaped from a shark.
  • Ariel came across a boat with a very handsome man on it. Unfortunately, a storm hit and was destroyed. She rescued him and became in love.
  • Her father, King Tridon, shamed her for loving a human. Ariel wanted to be where the people were, so she visited a Sea Witch, Ursula, to give her human legs in exchange for her voice. However she was given a time limit to her legs. She had three days to get true loves kiss, or else she would return to her mermaid state, and she would be hers.
  • Ariel was doing great! She had almost gotten a kiss if it wasn't for Ursula's pet eels crashing the party. They began to love each other. Ursula was getting worried. This had to be stopped! She made herself into a beautiful young lady and stole him over with Ariel's voice. They were going to get married the next day.
  • Ariel stops them from getting married and gets her voice back! However, Eric finds out she's a mermaid. To save her from being Ursula's prisoner King Tridon offers himself instead. Ursula accepts and is now the new ruler of the ocean. Ariel and Eric defeat her.
  • After Ariel and Eric defeated Ursula, King Tridon made her a human fully so she could be with him. They got married and lived happily ever after, the end.
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