Ancient Egypt
Updated: 9/9/2020
Ancient Egypt

Storyboard Text

  • firstly they cover the body with warm water and salts. And then the brain was then removed using a hook that went up the nose. The body was then slit open, and the organs where removed except the heart.
  • iThe liver, lungs, intestines and stomach were kept and placed in 4 jars, 1 for each organ, The body was then filled with spices, and sewed up together, packed with a special salt called natron, for up to 70 days
  • After this process the body was scribbled and dehydrated, so they would stuff the empty body with sawdust and linen to bring it back to its original shape. They then oiled the skin to soften it and then added false eyes and hair to make the corps more life like.
  • They then used a resin to cover the body to prevent mold, and the hole corps was then wrapped in linen bandages.
  • A face mask was made to look like the person, and was placed on the head of the corps,
  • It was then placed in a wooden case, or if the person's family was rich, a stone sarcophagus. they where then buried with items they might of needed for the after life, and they where then buried.