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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Monty the snake lives in the desert. This particular desert is experiencing a drought and monty needs water! Monty has spotted a cactus and is going to use the trigonometry (sin) to figure out how far he is from the cactus which hopefully has water! Since sin is opposite over hypotenuse, Monty set up the problem like: sin(47)=30/x. After he simplified it he ended up with 30/sin(47) which is, 41.01.
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  • Monty used the same method of trigonometry that he used last time. There was one difference; this time he was not given the hypotenuse but he was given the opposite side. His formula this Time was, sin(49)=x/27. After he simplified this problem as he did the last one, he got 27xsin(49) which is equal to, 20.37. Monty would have to find a way to get close to the top of this 20.37" inch cactus.
  • Sadly, Monty did not find any water inside of the cactus, so now he is trying to see how far away he is from a different source of water. He came across anoter cactus not too far away from the other one. he hoped that there would be some water in this one.
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  • Monty sadly, once again did not find any water at this cactus. He began slithering, and slithering, and slithering, hoping to find somewhere to get a drink. After he slithered all he came across a deep and wide valley with a steep ledge. With no other option, Monty decided that he had to find a way to get to the bottm of thsi cliff.
  • Monty was trying to figure out how steep this cliff was. he couldn't figure it out, then he remembered that he could use the inverse of sin. He had the legnth of the opposite side, adn the legnth of the hypotenuse so he did, sin(-1) (8/17) to fine the measurment of the angle. he came up with, 28.07. He decided to try and slither down in hopes of finding water.
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  • Luckily, Monty found water! He also found a new cave to live in and he never has to worry about being thirsty again! HE never could have done it without the help of trig!
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