Tears of a Tiger Characterization
Updated: 3/11/2020
Tears of a Tiger Characterization

Storyboard Text

  • Andy"I wanted it to be me that was dead instead of Rob."He was the drunk driver that killed Rob.AthleticHe feels the guilt of Robs death.He crashed the car and Rob died because of it.Andy is struggling with the guilt of Robs death.
  • Robbie"Andy! Andy! Help me-Help me-Oh god, please don't let me die like this! Andy!"He is the kid who died in the crash.AthleticHe is dead.Robbie died in the car crash and was the star of the basketball team.He is no longer alive.
  • Keisha"I get tired of all this depressing stuff. I miss Robbie too, but Andy can't seem to get over it, and I'm the only one who knows it."She is Andy's girlfriend.UnderstandingDoesn't know how to make Andy get over his guilt.She helps Andy forget about his problems. She struggles with knowing howto make Andy happy.