Updated: 2/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I need to get out of here. I hate this place
  • People are innocent until proven guilty!!
  • Steve Harmon and people like him are monsters
  • Tell us what you know about the case Mr. Zinzi.
  • I didn't really know anything i just got a couple packs of cigarettes.
  • Where you part of this? What do you know Mr. Bolden?!
  • Steve is nervous about his case today. He really wants to get out as soon as possible.
  • I'm just saying what i know i want a break. It's a good deal
  • The case begins and Steve writes down everything as it was a movie. Both Steve and king are being trialed for roberry and murder. But who killed Nessbitt?
  • I need money fast!!!
  • We can get easy money by robbing a drugstore, grocery store simple things were we won't get caught
  • They bring in witnesses and people who knew about the robbery.
  • I really hate this place. Please i need to get out of here
  • They question Mr. Zinzi and Mr. Bolden. They find out they are only testifying to spend less time in jail or to catch a break.
  • Steve has a flashback to where he even got this idea in the first place. We find out he needed money fast.
  • The more steve is in jail the worse and worse he feels.