Updated: 5/2/2019

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  • It's okay, i'm good. I don't want to smoke today. I don't think my health is at the best because, i've been feeling pain in the chest and coughing non-stop.
  • Hey, do you want to go outside to smoke for a while? By the way are you alright?
  • Doc, i've been having pain on the chest for a while now. I have also been coughing for the past week and even wheezing. I think i stress out too much which made me lost a lot of weight. Whats wrong with me?
  • This is Adam. Adam has a bad habit of smoking for the past two years. Adam doesn't stop smoking because he still feels 'healthy' with or without smoking.
  • Um, yes...
  • Well then if thats the case, IF you have lung cancer, it is because of smoking.
  • well do you smoke?
  • Lately, Adam has been feeling pain in the chest, coughing for the past week and even wheezing. Adam starts to feel anxious about his condition. Though he doesn't really mind about it since his friends also smoke but is still healthy.
  • What should i do doc?
  • Lets set up a schedule for you to take an x-ray scan to check whether you have lung cancer or not.
  • Well, the first thing you need to do is quit smoking in order to stop damaging your 
  • Adam is really worried about his health. So, he went to the doctor to check his conditions. He then explained his symptoms which then made the doctor worried.
  • Remember, smoking can cause lung cancer so make sure to avoid smoking and stay away from smokers and remind them that smoking does them no good. 
  • The doctor then explained that smoking can cause lung cancer for both smokers and even passive smokers. Maybe not every smoker gets lung cancer but smoking increases the rate of having lung cancer. Smoking can damage the cells that line the lungs.
  • But my friends also smokes yet they are healthy. My friend is also a passive smoker yet she is still fine.
  • Well i am sorry to say but, you are one of the unfortunate ones.
  • The doctor then asked Adam to check whether he really has lung cancer or not. Adam was curious so he asked the doctor why he could got lung cancer while his friends are still healthy. The doctor then said that as you smoke, you body can still fight it but if it gets longer and longer, you body starts to be weak and finally the smoke can damage the cell lining the lungs.
  • Adam is now free from smoking. His health is now getting better as he has had the cancer treatment. Adam now knows that smoking is bad for both the smoker and the passive smoker. Smoking is also bad for you as it damages your lungs. Smoking does you no good except giving you temporary happiness.
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