The Amazing Vladimir Putin
Updated: 5/5/2019
The Amazing Vladimir Putin

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  • There was a very beautiful maiden called Cahuillaca. All the gods Cuniraya Huiracocha was a wise man, he found a way to transform himself into a bird, he settled down made his semen to a fruit and made it fall. She ate without knowing the fruit and became pregnant, so she had a beautiful girl.
  • I'm hungry and this apple looks delicious
  • A meeting of all the gods to know who was the daughter of Cahuillaca, but no contest. Cuniraya Huiracocha was sitting humbly in rags. The maid let her daughter crawl to recognize her father, the girl went to the side of Cuniraya Huiracocha.
  • This can not be possible!! my daughter's father can not be a beggar
  • Cahuillaca ran towards the sea, Cuniraya went after her to tell her the truth, appeared in a gold suit and called Cahuillaca to see him but she did not turn around. Cahuillaca arrived at the shore, in front of Pachacamac, threw herself, she and her daughter, transformed into two small islands that are on San Pedro beach.
  • Cuniraya encountered a condor, a zorrina, a puma, a fox, a hawk and parrots. In this way, every time he met someone who gave him good news, he predicted a good future, and if he met someone who gave him bad news, he cursed him.
  • You will be damned, men will hate you!!
  • You will not reach it!
  • He reached the sea where there were two daughters of Pachacamac guarded by a snake. The mother, Urpayhuachac, had entered to visit Cahuillaca. Cuniraya violated the minor, wanted to do the same with the other, but it became a dove and flew. There were no fish in the water, Urpayhuachac raised them in a pond. Cuniraya, angry because he had gone to visit Cahuillaca, threw all the fish into the sea.
  • She wants more to Cahuillaca than her silly fish ... that's what we're going to check
  • The youngest daughter of Urpayhuachac told her what Cuniraya had done to her, she got angry and decided to kill him. Urpayhuachac called Cuniraya on the pretext of removing the fleas, but at the same time he was making a large rock grow so that it would fall on him. Cuniraya became aware of Urpayhuachac's plan and fled. Since then Cuniraya Huiracocha is around the world cheating huacas and men.
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