Act 4 Scene 3 p. 9-11

Updated: 5/14/2020
Act 4 Scene 3 p. 9-11

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  • Page 9
  • Welcome, Titinius, Messala! Come sit by the candle to discuss our needs.
  • Brutus, is Portia really gone?
  • Please Cassius, don't. Messala, I've received letters about Octavius and Mark Antony rushing toward Philippi. 
  • And anything else?
  • I have received the same letters.
  • That with legal writs, Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus have killed over 100 senators.
  • Page 10
  • I have not, Messala.
  • Why do you ask? Have you heard of her in your letters?
  • Have you received letters or news about your wife, my lord?
  • Now, as you are Roman, tell me the truth.
  • Then you must take the truth I must tell as a Roman. It's certain that she is dead, and she died in a strange way.
  • No, my lord.
  • Well, goodbye. Portia. We all must die, Messala, Having already thought about the fact that she would have to die sometime, I can endure her death now.
  • That's the way great men ought to endure great losses.