Fahrenheit 451
Updated: 12/18/2019
Fahrenheit 451
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  • Chapter 1, The Hearth and the Salamander
  • Chapter 2, The Sieve and the Sand
  • Chapter 3, Burning bright
  • Guy Montag is introduced. He burns books and houses with books in them. He doesn't know any better and thinks that his society is normal. Captain Beatty guides him through being a firefighter because he is on the younger side of the firemen. He later becomes more interested in books and their meaning. 
  • Chapter 4, New Beginnings
  • Mildred and Montag secretly read the books that Montag got a cold November day. They try to understand the books and what they meant. What they didn't know was that the hound was outside their window sniffing.
  • Chapter 5, Water Beats Fire
  • Montag finally burns Captain Beatty because he is fed up with him. Montag realized books aren't the problem. The problem is Captain Beatty and he is too controlling. So, Montag kkills Captain Beatty.
  • Chapter 6, Happily Ever After
  • Montag cleans up the town with the help of the kids and also gives them books to study at home. He wants the new generation to have books to read and doesn't want firefighters to be the monsters. He wants the generation to be raised right.
  • Montag introduces water instead of fire to the firefighters. He tells them where their roots are from and how they should help people not hurt people and their belongings. He also becomes chief.
  • Montag and Mildred have a baby together and they name her Novella. They read to her every day and hope she grows up to be an author. Mildred and Montag live hapily ever after.
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