Macbeth Act III
Updated: 6/4/2020
Macbeth Act III
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  • Banquo arrives at the castle, thinking about Macbeth's coronation. He reflects back on the prophecy of the witches, believing that they must be true.
  • If Macbeth is King, the prophecy is true. If the Prophecy is true, my children must be kings!
  • King Macbeth and Queen Macbeth arrive at the castle and greet Banquo. Macbeth tells Banquo they are having a party tonight and invites him, his "chief guest" to attend.
  • "Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir,And I’ll request your presence"
  • King Macbeth tells Banquo he plans to talk to him tonight about former King Duncan's two sons. He fears they are after the thrown he holds.
  • Later we will discuss Malcolm and Donalbain, I fear they are after my crown
  • King Macbeth has dismissed his court, and a servant tells him there are men waiting for him. Macbeth then orders that the men be fetched.
  • Sir, there are some men here to see you.
  • I am gravely afraid of Banquo. He has the courage to act bravely but smartly. If the prophecies are right, I have killed the mighty Duncan for the sons of Banquo to rule.
  • After the servant goes to fetch the waiting men, Macbeth enters a soliloquy about his friend Banquo. He admits that he is afraid of Banquo, and fears that he will be the only king in his family.
  • The two men waiting for Macbeth were murderers he hired to kill Banquo. He makes sure the two men are strong enough, and man enough to do the deed. They say they are, Macbeth responds that they must kill Banquo's son, Fleance, as well.
  • I ask you men very seriously, are you up for this task? You must be sure you can handle it, no mistakes.
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