period 2
Updated: 11/5/2018
period 2
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  • french and indian war
  • acts and or laws
  • groups
  • Britain and france were fighting and then the indians come along to keep the ohio territory
  • declaration of independence
  • acts were the laws the british made for the colonies such as the tea act and the quartering act
  • protests
  • The sons of liberty were a group of men that would attack tax collectors houses in boston
  • american revalution
  • on the 4th of july in 1776 many political leaders signed the declaration of independence and thats why the 4 of july is independence day.
  • The colonists didn't like the laws the british were making so they protested which caused The boston massacre and tea partty
  • the start of the american revolution was when the boston massacre happened and 5 colonists got shot
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