Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! Everyone has left me behind! I can't do this on my own
  • There is no one to help me. They think i am weak and useless but I will prove them wrong.
  • I am Salva, I am giving your village a well so you can survive.
  • Thank you, who are you sir?
  • Salva is at school when suddenly his village gets attacked. Salva is told to run in the bush and to never look back. He then meets a woman and she takes care of him but after a couple of days, she leaves. Salva is sad and lonely.
  • Salva finds a group and his Uncle is in it. Salva is very happy to know that he is save with Uncle. One day while walking in the desert, a group of men came and robbed them and killed Uncle. Salva was devastated but knew he had to stay strong and become a leader.
  • While in a refugee camp, Salva is picked to go to America. He is very excited and could not wait to go. When he got there, he met his family. They lived in Rochester for a few years. One day Salva got a text that his dad was alive in a hospital. Salva booked a flight and visited him. Salva was told that his dad was sick because of bad water that he was drinking. Salva did a fundraiser to build wells to save villages.