The Run
Updated: 11/7/2018
The Run
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  • Beginning: Mac and Dennis are sitting on the Greerson's ranch playing cards. When, they hear about a disease on the radio.
  • Rising Action: Mac and Dennis stop at a gas station to fill up the truck, and get extra gas and get supplies, like food.
  • Rising Action: Mac goes into the store to get the supplies, and hears something, and it turns out to be a zombie, Coming out of the bathroom.
  • Climax: Mac and Dennis decide they are going to go and try to find Muskrat, the Dj, To see if he can help them get Anna back.
  • Falling Action: Mac and Dennis make it to the radio station and get out of the truck and there are lots of zombies coming toward the radio station.
  • Resolution: Mac and Dennis are standing watching all the zombies, then, they see the door of the radio station swing wide open. Next thing they know, out comes DJ Muskrat holding up a radio with bluegrass blasting. As a result, the blasting bluegrass music starts slowly changing the zombies back to human.
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