Updated: 1/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Kelly is riding her horse Lisa but Lisa is easily distracted.
  • Lisa, you have to concentrate.don't get distracted.
  • Lisa, pay attention!
  • Lisa jumped over the fence and Kelly fell to the ground.
  • Au!
  • Kelly, How are you doing?
  • Thank you. I feel pain in my arm
  • Are you feeling any better?
  • But Bryan came to her rescue.
  • You have to see a general practitioner.
  • Bryan went to the doctor with Kelly.
  • Hallo Kelly, what's the matter with your arm?
  • I fell on my arm and it hurst a lot.
  • The doctor looked at her arm and saw that it was bruised.
  • Let me see it. There is no fracture in your arm. It is bruised.
  • What were you doing when you fell on your arm?
  • I was riding my horse and then I fell off my horse. Is my arm broken ?
  • But you don't have to worry, in 2 weeks you can go horse riding again.
  • It's important to take it easy and to rest.
  • Good bye!
  • The doctor reassured Kelly and said her arm will be healed in 2 weeks.
  • Thank you doctor.