Updated: 3/4/2020

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  • Odysseus shows up to his palace, disguised as a beggar. He needed to see how many suitors he was going to be up against.
  • Odysseus goes up to Antinous and he treats Odysseus very badly. He verbally abuses Odysseus and tells him to leave.
  • Oh my God! Who let that in here?
  • Antinous, we can't treat people like this! That could easily be a God in disguise!
  • Penelope, Odysseys' wife, heard what happens and asked Eumaeus to bring the beggar over to her.
  • The Suitors: By Maria Eduarda Melo In this episode the traits we see in Odysseus are smart and calm. He didn't break character which helped the plan go along. He also didn't react bad when the stool was thrown at him.Cause:Antinious throws a stool at Odysseus which hurts him, but Odysseus doesn't break character.Effect:Odysseus keeps the plan in action which helps him defeat the suitors in the future episodes.
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