Updated: 2/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Scout found chewing gum at boo radely's house
  • 1. Wow chewing gum but I have to careful as this is boo radley's house
  • 3.We can take this and after summer we can ask everyone that whose things is this.
  • Scout and jem found other things in knothole
  • 2.I think someone put this for us.
  • 1.who put this things??
  • 4.We can do it.
  • Children playing Boo radley game
  • 2.I am Mrs.Radley
  • 3.I am Mr.Radley.
  • 1.We can play Boo radley game.
  • 4.I am Boo Radley
  • Atticus advising children
  • 2.No,sir nothing.
  • 4.Ok,sir.
  • 3.Stop playing with the scissor
  • 1.Jem why are you playing with this scissor??
  • Children planing to give a note to boo radley
  • 3.Please, tell me.
  • 1.What are you guys talking?
  • 6.Ok.
  • 4.We plan to leave a note in Radley house to join with us.
  • 5.If you want to join us then you have to help us.
  • 2.None of your business