Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hamarita
  • Hubris
  • Where were you!!!!
  • Peripeteia
  • (Nyowe converting to Christianity)
  • Tragic Flaw: Okonkwo’s strength,manliness,and anger. In their village, men were successful due to their level of masculinity. Okonkwo believes in being the greatest farmer, warrior, and to not show emotion to any one. However, this leads to Okonkwo thinking his son is too weak and he tries to “fix” his son by yelling and beating him, which doesn’t have a good affect.
  • Excessive Pride: Okonkwo’s excessive pride causes him to break village and cultural rules. For example, Okonkwo beat his wife during the week of peace and helped kill Ikemefuna. All of this pride has led him to disregard his morals only to prove his masculinity.
  • Reversal of fate: Okonkwo spent a long time trying to change his son from the “woman” he was into a masculine, strong man. However, Nyowe ran away and converted to Christianity, which in Okonkwo’s eyes is seen as even less manly than he was before.