Wilderness to Promise Land - 7th Grade Girl
Updated: 3/23/2020
Wilderness to Promise Land - 7th Grade Girl

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my gosh mom! Is this tabernacle thing going to have running water?
  • Wilderness to Promise Land7th Grade Girl
  • Mom, I have to use the bathroom!Are we coming up on a tree soon? Everyone was looking at me last time!
  • What is it anyway? That's so weird!Why is it flowing us?
  • Behind a sand dune?Whatever! That's too far and that fire in the sky doesn't shine way out there!
  • Mom, I need to use the bathroom again. Did you bring any leaves? OMG! This is so gross!Who wants to live like this?
  • Fine! Give me the rock I used last time, it was so smooth!What?! Why did you throw it down?It smelled bad? OH Sorry!