masked ball storyboard
Updated: 1/30/2021
masked ball storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • well this wasSignior Benedick that said so.
  • I pray you, what is he?
  • Why, he is the princes jester: a very dull fool; only his gift is in devising impossible slanders.
  • he both pleases men and angers them, and then they laugh at him and beat him.
  • When I know the gentleman, I'll tell him what you say.
  • Do, do: he'll but break a comparison or two on me; which, peradventure not marked or not laughed at, strikes him into melancholy; and then there's a partridge wing saved, for the fool will eat no supper that night.
  • later that evening...
  • Yea, but so Iam apt to do myself wrong; I am not so reputed: it is the base, though bitter, disposition of Beatrice that puts the world into her person and so gives me out. Well, I'll be revenged as I may.
  • Alas, poor hurt fowl! now will he creep into sedges. But that my Lady Beatrice should know me, and not know me! The princes fool! Ha? It may be I go under that title because I am merry.
  • Oh, she misused me past the endurance of a block! an oak but with one green leaf on it would have answered her; my very visor began to assume life and scold with her. She told me, not thinking I had been myself, that I was the prince's jester, that I was duller than a great thaw;
  • she speaks poniards, and every words stabs.
  • The Lady Beatrice hath a quarrel to you: the gentleman that danced with her told her she is much wronged by you.
  • look, here she comes
  • I will fetch you a tooth-picker now from the furthest inch of Asia, bring you the length of Prester John's foot, fetch you a hair off the great ham's beard, do you any embassage to the Pigmies, rather than hold three words conference with thisharpy.