Neolithic vs Paleolithic times
Updated: 1/24/2020
Neolithic vs Paleolithic times
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  • Jobs in the Neolithic
  • Over here we have some baskets, pots, and tools that we have made!
  • Fishing for more food for our tribe
  • Jobs in the Paleolithic
  • Advantages
  • Its been to long, and we still don't have enough food to last us winter.
  • The Jobs that the people in the Neolithic times did where mostly trading with other tribes, farming, and they would make baskets, pots, and tool making for trading.
  • Community in the Neolithic
  • This is where we live all together in villages
  • The most important job in the Paleolithic times was finding enough food for your tribe because they didn't grow or plant there food so they would run out of food really fast.
  • Comminity in the Paleolithic
  • I hate that i don't have much neighbors
  • The Neolithic people have enough food so they didn't have to spend all of their time looking for food. But the Paleolithic people did have to spend all their time looking for food which didn't give them enough time to make new things for trading
  • Advantages
  • Farming and settled villages was achieved by 7000 B.C.E. in many regions people began to live in permanent settlements. The permanent settlements turn into groups, into villages, into community
  • In the Paleolithic times people didn't live in villages they live in small groups. Some even had a whole village in each tent because they spent all time looking for food so they had to spent as much little putting up the tents
  • Having a community was important in the Neolithic because since they lived together they did there jobs as a group. But in the Paleolithic times they we independent they found their own food for there family only an much more.
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