IB leaner trait

Updated: 1/7/2021
IB leaner trait

Storyboard Text

  • I'm so happy that you got to come over to my house tonight!
  • Okay, lets go.
  • I know!! i'm so excited! but before we go to sleep, I need to brush my teeth
  • We just gave our only extra one away to my sister!
  • what happened!?
  • I left my toothbrush at home and now I can't brush my teeth!!
  • Now what am i going to do?
  • Oh No!!!!
  • We could go to the store?
  • No its fine! plus we can get some candy too!! come on it will fun!
  • Yes, come on!!!!
  • No that's okay... I don't wan't to cause any trouble.
  • Yayy!!
  • Really!!??
  • Thank you again, this means a lot to me!
  • Its really no problem, I like going to the store anyway!
  • Okay, now pick out the color that you want!
  • Okay!!
  • your welcome. Now after you do that, lets go to bed, im tired.
  • Yayy now i can brush my teeth! Thank you so much!
  • Yes me too!