Joe the Priest Goes to Work

Updated: 5/19/2020
Joe the Priest Goes to Work

Storyboard Description

Geometry Project 5/18/20

Storyboard Text

  • Joe the Priest Goes to WorkBy: Megan Watier
  • It is 7:00 AM. on Sunday Morning, and Joe was getting coffee before going to work.
  • Coffee
  • When he went into the coffee shop, he stubbed his toe on the table close to the door.
  • Ow! Why is this table so close to the door?!
  • So he started thinking about the distance he walked before stubbing his toe.
  • How close is this table to the door?
  • Well, I know that I am 6 ft tall, and the angle of depression from my eyes to the table leg is 28 degrees, so now I just need to find the distance from my feet to the table leg.
  • So, using the Sine formula (tan28=6/x), the distance between Joe's feet and the table leg is about 11 feet.