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eng 145
Updated: 9/21/2020
eng 145
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  • My freshman year I met my roommates/bestfriends. They talked about growing up on farms and I talked about growing up in a busy suburb near Chicago.
  • Hi, I'm Kaylin!
  • Nice to meet you, I'm Meg!
  • Hi, I'm Katelyn!
  • I didn't think there was anything to do in Normal since there weren't any of the types of places that I spent my weekends at back home here. I was too busy missing home to realize that the way I underplayed my friend's excitement was very rude.
  • I love living in a big town! This is so exciting!
  • You really think this is big?? How were you not always bored...
  • I didn't think about how when I brought up things I had near me back home, I felt like I was just adding to the conversation but my friends felt like I was trying to one-up them.
  • Texts:Kaylin: I'm on vacation, there's a full on help desk in this mall.Katelyn: No way! That's so crazy.Me: LOL all the malls by me have those
  • I thought Katelyn would love to go to the city for the first time with me. Her saying she wasn't interested made me realize that not only do people enjoy different things, but it's also important to ask people about what they enjoy and be more open-minded about enjoying those things too.
  • You have to come to Chicago with me soon! you'll be obsessed.
  • Actually, I don't really care about the city.
  • After many talks with Katelyn and months of adjusting to living in central Illinois, I actually grew to love Normal and connect with my friends.
  • Wow I didn't know that!!
  • *Teaches Meg all about the farm industry and the benefits of living in a small town*
  • In the future, I can use my learning experiences with my friend to communicate in a way that is respectful to people and acknowledges the difference in our experiences as special, not better or worse than the other. I can also find the joy in unfamiliar places and write about them to connect with others!
  • *Writes in a way that shows appreciation for different environments and builds connections with others*
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