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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/5/2020
Unknown Story
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Lady
  • Tiger
  • Rising Action
  • You must choose your fate by doors in the arena tomorrow
  • Climax
  • A barbaric king ruled. He held trials in which criminals were sentenced to a grand arena in which they picked a door to open that housed either a lady (Innocent) or a Tiger (guilty) which chose whether they were guilty or innocent of the crime committed.
  • Falling Action
  • Left Door
  • Right Door
  • The rising action in this particular story is when the king catches on to this relationship between his daughter and man and sentences him to an arena with two doors. One holds a Tiger and the other holds a lady.
  • Resolution
  • The princess discovers which door houses the the Tiger and which one holds the lady and raises her hand to point toward the right door which is the one she wants him to open.
  • Central Idea / Theme
  • The princess showed what time of person SHE was, what kind of person are you? Which would you choose.. the lady or the Tiger?
  • The man begins heading toward the door the princess picked, ready to meet which ever fate was in store for him.
  • The man opens the door revealing a lady, although it hurts him to know that he cannot be with the princess anymore he is happy that the door did not hold a Tiger.
  • The theme of this story is that choices have consequences. Whatever action the princess chooses shows the person she truly is and also has a consequence for the man as well.
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