Telephoning Communication
Updated: 9/9/2020
Telephoning Communication

Storyboard Text

  • Mira:Hey! What's happening?
  • Lucy:Mira! You will not believe what happened today...
  • Mira:Uhm..You're kind of choppy, Lucy.. I think your signal's bad
  • Lucy:*********************************************
  • Lucy:*gasp* No way! I'll try to fix it! Please hold for a bit.
  • Mira:No worries!
  • 30 minutes later
  • Mira:This is ridiculous, I'm calling again. *calling..*
  • Lucy: The signal problem took longer than expected. I've been trying to fix it the whole time!
  • Mira: What in the world happened to you?
  • Mira: I can come over there and help you. Afterwards you can tell me what you wanted to earlier.