English Internet Safety
Updated: 3/19/2021
English Internet Safety

Storyboard Text

  • Ahh..why are people in social media so rude to me?
  • I'll just calm my self down at the backyard
  • Hmph..I regret commenting like that.
  • On what to be specific?
  • Hey! What's the matter? You look so down.
  • Well dad, It's just that the people or giving me hate comments
  • On the comments i posted on social media.
  • Okay, here tell me what did you comment and just tell me everything that happened.
  • So basically, there was this girl that posted something with a caption dear all haters you guys are so bad and stuff like that.
  • Ah.... I see, here let me tell you something. Social media is very wide and you can't expect everything to go on your way. But to avoid the problems you can simply be quiet , because it's non of your business
  • So i commented that post saying it's not right, then i got many hate comments about that
  • Remember first, you need to keep your personal information private. Second never meet someone new online. And last if there are any hate comments you can simply report, if that makes you better
  • Okay dad, I understand now. Thanks dad.