Chapter 8 Siddhartha Comic
Updated: 2/6/2021
Chapter 8 Siddhartha Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Siddhartha leaves his old live as a rich merchant and his life of pleasure. He realizes how he has wasted a large part of his life. He wanders through the forest and reaches a river, resting his arm on a tree. He contemplates many things, including suicidal thoughts.
  • "Might the fishes and crocodiles devour him, this dog of a Siddhartha, this madman, this corrupted and rotting body, this sluggish and misused soul!" (89).
  • He stopped at this river and stood hesitatingly on the bank. Fatigue and hunger had weakened him. Why should he go any further, where, and for what purpose?" (88).
  • Om...
  • Siddhartha rests near a coconut tree after murmuring "Om" in his deep and dreamless sleep.
  • "Then he had fallen asleep, and on awakening he looked at the world like a new man. Softly he said the word Om to himself, over which he had fallen asleep and it seemed to him as if his whole sleep had been a long deep pronouncing of Om, thinking of Om, an immersion and penetration into Om, into the nameless, into the Divine" (90).
  • Siddhartha wakes up from his sleep and feels like a new person, as if he was born. This is a part of his transformation after his Abyss.
  • "Perhaps he had really died, perhaps he had been drowned and was reborn in another form...He was remarkably awake, happy, and curious" (91).
  • Siddhartha wakes up to find his old friend, Govinda, dressed as a monk sitting in front of him and watching over him. Siddhartha explains to Govinda how materialistic things do not define who someone is, and Govinda goes on his way.
  • "The wheel appearances revolves quickly, Govinda" (94).
  • "You are wearing clothes of a rich man, you are wearing the shoes of a man of fashion, and your perfumed hair is not the hair of a pilgrim, it is not the hair of a Samana" (93).
  • Siddhartha reflects on his journey and realizes that he has been given the opportunity to reborn. He was given a blank slate to redeem himself and continue his journey. Siddhartha felt as though he was one step closer to his enlightenment after his low point and can now learn what he was blind about in his past life.
  • "I had to experience despair, I had to sink to the greatest mental depths, to thoughts of suicide, in order to experience grace, to hear Om again, to sleep deeply again and to awaken freshen again. I had to become a fool again in order to find atman in myself" (97)
  • Siddhartha looks into the river with great feelings of happiness and warms. He feels as though he was reborn from the river, and feels very attracted and special with a deep connection with the river. The river symbolizes Siddhartha's rebirth.
  • "Siddhartha had wanted to drown himself in this river; the old, tired, despairing Siddhartha was today drowned in it. The new Siddhartha felt a deep love for this flowing water and decided that he would not leave it again so quickly" (100).