Updated: 11/29/2020

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  • the fild trip was fun we where told what makes a ecosestem
  • ya. i wonder how a ecosestem is limeted
  • hey google, what limits an ecosesem
  • wondering
  • limits of a ecosestem or A limiting factor is a resource or environmental condition which limits the growth, i have sent a picture on your macbook.
  • limiting factors example .comg
  • this is the picture my phone sent
  • -foodorganism, group or population does not have enough resources to sustain it, individuals will die through starvation-predotorswith too many predotors there could be a unbalence of pray and prodotor and that could lead to exstinshine for all the organisums in the food chain
  • biotic factors
  • abotic factors
  • -rainwith too much rain a biome could get flood the ecosestem-sunwithout sun for produsers they would die out and that would lead to a dono efect and that would end the food chain