rock transformation, igneous to sedimentary
Updated: 2/3/2021
rock transformation, igneous to sedimentary

Storyboard Text

  • I am igneous rock underground and from the plate motion I will be uplifted above ground.
  • energy from sun
  • being weathered over millions of years and
  • sediment being rolled off
  • we are getting smaller by the day because parts of us are going into the water.
  • The igneous rock is being uplifted while the other plate is being subducted from the plates moving. It is located in ship rock in new Mexico.
  • woooohoooo
  • The energy from the sun is weathering the igneous rock for millions of years and tiny pieces of sediment is coming off
  • ahhh. I am getting squished
  • The sediment is rolling off the hill in the water and the rocks are getting smaller because parts of it rolled off.
  • the sedimentary rock is being uplifted 
  • The sediment traveled trough the lake breaking down smaller and smaller until they reached Greece. They reached the bottom of the lake. They sat there for thousands of years.
  • The sediment is getting compacted and cemented at the bottom of the lake over millions of years.
  • The sedimentary rock that was formed under water was uplifted with plate motion from earths interior. The igneous rock from new Mexico became a part of Meteora in Greece.