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Social studies_Native American culture
Updated: 10/5/2020
Social studies_Native American culture
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  • The west southwest culture was full of food and crops so there was no need to farm. The culture lived in groups of families ranging from 50 to 300 people. There were 3 specific groups in the region who spoke 100 different languages. The area of Sierra Nevada had a very dry climate and received little rain. So, the people had to adapt by gathering seeds, digging roots and trapping small animals as food. The Southwest culture region also had states that are here today. Like Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Colorado and Texas. Pueblo groups like Hopi and Zuni, lived there.
  • What was the south west culture like?
  • The Great plains stretched from south Canada into Texas. The plains were mostly grassland where millions of buffalos lived along with deer and elk. Most people of the Great Plains were nomadic hunters who mostly hunted Buffalo using bows and spears. Blackfoot and Arapaho hunters sometimes chased them off cliffs, trapped them in rings of fire and drove them into corrals. Buffalo skin was a necessity in the Great Plains. They used it for shields, clothing, covering for their teepees and trade.
  • What was the Great Plains culture like?
  • Teepees are cone shaped shelters that people used to use in the Great Plains. They are similar to tents that we have today but not really the same. Teepees are made of animal skin that are made to stand up on wooden poles. Would you want to live in a teepee?
  • What are teepees?
  • I wouldn't live in a teepee if i had a choice but if i was forced to i don't think it would be that bad.
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