The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Updated: 9/8/2021
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Storyboard Text

  • I'm Frankie Presto
  • What do you want?
  • I'm Aurora York
  • When Frankie was 5, Baffa took him to a blind guitar player so he could learn how to play. Frankie said he was 8 so he could learn. It took some convincing, but the teacher decided to teach Frankie how to play.
  • Frankie met his first love, the same day Baffa was taken away to jail. El Maestro (The guitar teacher) took Frankie in and continued to teach him guitar. He soon moved to America to get away from the war.
  • One day when Frankie was playing with a band at a night club he saw a girl getting attacked. He had a gut feeling it was Aurora, who he had not seen for years. He played so fast that he distracted the Attacker and gave her time to run away. He did not see her again for years but he didn't stop searching until he did.
  • Frankie found Aurora after years of searching. But they split up from him traveling to much and the fame. His manager decided it was a good idea to set him up with an actress who he'd eventually marry on the beach. This relationship did not last though, as he could not stay away from Aurora.
  • Frankie hurts his hand (by stabbing a broken beer bottle into his hand when he was at his darkest) and cant play anymore. He flew to England and sat in the park all day, everyday waiting for aurora. She finally came after hearing about it from her sister.
  • Frankie and Aurora are finally happy together as fame, traveling, and other women are no longer an issue. They move to Hawaii and have a daughter.