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Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • BY: Melanie Marte
  • “I obviously didn’t go through the express checkout because there was too much stuff. "
  • Ana needed some things to make a cake and she decided to send her husband to the store to buy them. Her husband was on his way to a boy night out, but he agreed to go on 1 condition – there were only a few items and he could go through the express checkout. That way he would still be on time for the link up.
  • T-wireless
  • 1 pound of butter 2 bag of icing sugar 3 bottle of vanilla 4 dozen eggs 5 lard 6 big bag of flour 7 large carton of milk
  • Time passed by and he wasn’t home, so she began to worry. She looked up the number of the grocery store and was about to call, but she heard him coming in the driveway.
  • Communication is key or it can get confusing !
  • He came up to the house with 3 bags, put them down and told her he would be back in with the rest of the bags.The wife wondered what he was talking about and she started unpacking the bags.
  • The wife wondered what he was talking about and she started unpacking the bags. In the first one there was a pound of butter, 2 bags of icing sugar and 3 bottles of vanilla. In the second bag there were 4 dozen eggs. In the third bag was 5 packages of lard and her grocery list. She looked at the list and suddenly realized what had happened.
  • When her husband asked her to make sure he could go through the express checkout, Ana had numbered the items 1 through 7, something she had never done before. She put the list away before her husband came in with the rest of the bags and decided not to say anything at all about the numbers. Instead she planned on thanking him for being such a great husband. He brought in several more bags that contained 6 large bags of flour and 7 large cartons of milk.
  • when the cashier was ringing up the last item, I realized what I had done and I just wanted to get out of the store because the people in line behind me were laughing