dred scott case

Updated: 5/19/2020
dred scott case

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  • Dred scott was a former slave that sued for his freedom after his owner died
  • (1857) Dred Scott case
  • I lived in a free state (Wisconsin & Illinois) for a short time. I should be free.
  • The Supreme Court ruled in a 7 to 2 decision that Scott wasn't free.
  • They even claimed that Scott wasn't even a citizen and in fact he was counted as property, and had no right to sue.
  • I should have the right to sue and be free. I live in a free state!
  • Finally, the court ruled that congress had no right to ban slavery in a territory as it had by in passing the Missouri Compromise in 1820
  • This case was a huge victory for the south because it helped keep slavery legal.
  • Abolitionist vowed to fight the fight the court's decision
  • This mean that federal had no authority to ban slavery anywhere.
  • Dred Scott later on .. was finally set free after court rules it over.
  • Dred Scott later died from tuberculosis in 1858. We remember Dred Scott case b/c it was the most important slavery-related decision in the United States Supreme Court's .