Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 7
  • Scene 8
  • Scene 9
  • POV of the entity watching and creeping up over Darcy.
  • Scene 10
  • Cuts back to Tia who is waiting patiently for Darcy.
  • Scene 11
  • POV of the entity attacking Darcy and screeches.
  • Scene 12
  • Cuts back to Tia still waiting for Darcy. She is startled by a horrific scream from Darcy in the distance and starts to investigate.
  • Long shot of Tia walking through the forest calling out for Darcy. There is no answer. Tia get's extremely worried.
  • Tia stumbles across Darcy's shoe. She takes a few cautious steps more to find Darcy's body.