All American boys
Updated: 3/29/2021
All American boys

Storyboard Text

  • Hey what are you doing?
  • Oh my God. Im so sorry!
  • Did he do something to you?
  • He was trying to steal!
  • ME!!
  • Rashad enters Jerry's convenient store and selects a bag of chips. He also notices that there is a police officer but does not find it suspicious as jerry's store gets stolen from often.
  • SHUT UP!!
  • I was just tying to get my phone when she tripped over me-
  • Thugs can't just do what you're told
  • As soon as Rashad opens his bag A lady who was buying beer trips over Rashad and drops the beer bottle making it shatter everywhere. The owner and police officer immediately become alerted.
  • Leave him alone
  • The police officer approaches Rashad and the lady immediately asking her if she was alright and if Rashad did something to her. The store clerk interrupts him and says that Rashad was trying to steal the chips.
  • Rashad attempts to explain the situation however the police officer shuts him down and advances towards Rashad grabbing his arm and leading him outside.
  • The police officer puts hand cuffs on Rashad cutting on his wrists and rips his shirt searching him. Rashad lets out a loud wail and thrashes around in response to the pain, faint murmurs are heard from witnesses.
  • Rashad then hears the piercing sound of sirens and says three words to the officer.