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Updated: 9/5/2020
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  • Many scripts across the world have been developed independentlyof one another
  • Welcome to our Museum "the alphabet"
  • These writings, emerged in a different time and space, but have some influence from the cuneiform script
  • Mesopotamian cuneiform approximately 3 5 00 BC
  • Minoan or Mycenean 'Linear B' 1200 BC
  • Egyptian hieroglyphics 3000 BC,
  • Most of these scripts derive from a system of pictographic script or, on a more elementary level, the use of symbols.
  • Aztec script AD 1400.
  • Chinese script 1500 BC
  • Mayan script AD 50
  • by using clay tokens encased in small, hollow but totally closed pod-like containers or bullae
  • ¡😮!
  • How were the symbols they used to made?
  • What was the function of script?
  • The first cuneiform script, served mostly workaday economic and administrative purposes in urban societies.
  • The photos could serve simply as a memory aid
  • Last but not least,scripts develop other kinds of symbols. One kind is the ideograph,
  • Is a concept not directly represented by the picture but established by code
  • the Chinese pictograph
  • Can you give an example?
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