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Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • Having trouble knowing how to do a F.O.I.L Equation don’t worry! I’ll help you
  • To understand it we must know our First, Last, Inner, And Outer in our F.O.I.L equation that’s what it stands by!!!
  • As an example: (a+b)(c+d)the “a” and “c” are FIRST, the “b” and “d” are LAST as you can tell, also the “a” and “d” are OUTERS and the “b” and “c” are INNERS
  • Now, you must label the letters or numbers so for example (a+b) (c+d) you label what is first, last, inner, or outer, so in that case label under “a” “F” since it’s first, under “b” is “L” for Last, now above the letters, above “a” is “O” for Outer, above “b” label it “I” for Inner, now for the other side it’s the same way you did it on the first parentheses just different numbers or in my case letters. Haha:)
  • Now you have to add by what comes first so since “f” comes first in the word “FOIL” that’s what you start with, so the since “a” and “c” have 5 you will multiply it then to move on to the next number add a “+” symbol so it would look something like, “a x c +” then so on then you repeat that step with the next letters
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