French Revolution
Updated: 12/2/2020
French Revolution

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  • Bread Shortage/Estates General/Tennis Court Oath
  • I'm hungry! Where is all the bread?!
  • We need to raise their taxes
  • Why do we have to pay more for taxes when they don't have to pay anything?
  • Quite a lot as well.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizen
  • We're free! Men are free! We have political right!
  • 1789-1793
  • The Assembly? I think it might get out of control, you see the things they're doing?
  • Did you hear about the new government?
  • Freedom for France! The revolution is coming!
  • We want the King! We don't need to change!
  • There were a lot of crop failures, which caused the people to go hungry because there wasn't bread to eat. The Estates-General, the three groups of French society, has to meet to raise taxes because the King is almost bankrupt. The 3rd estate gets kicked out of the meeting so they vow to stick together until they form a constitution.
  • Beheading of King/Reign of Terror
  • We are here to try the king for conspiracy with foreign powers.
  • This is unbelievable!
  • August 1789: men get political rights, are free, and equal.
  • Rise of Napoleon
  • 1789-1793: New government 'Assembly' is formed separately from the King, riots for and against the revolution, France is at war with the rest of Europe and Haiti is revolting against them.
  • ...
  • 1793: The King is arrested, tried, and beheaded which starts off the Reign of Terror. Reign of Terror: Extreme members of revolution take over and demand oaths of allegiance and loyalty, they execute people right and left.
  • 1796: Napoleon's army, Napoleon defends France against pro-monarchy Europe and takes over the government and becomes dictator
  • ...
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