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Julie and the Wolves
Updated: 4/2/2019
Julie and the Wolves
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  • "Suddenly the lead bull circled and came toward the other. Both lowered their heads and clashed antlers with a clanging crack that sounded like a shot."
  • "for the thundering animals told her she was along the migration path and she did not want to camp in the middle of a caribou love nest."
  • "Far from the herd, she stopped by a pond and made her bed."
  • "Suddenly something moved. She bolted out of bed and grabbed her club."
  • "[Jello] was almost beside her, his teeth bared as he growled. Then he picked up her pack and ran."
  • "Shivering, she slid into bed and cried. A tear fell on the grass and froze solid."
  • "Rolling to her stomach, she smelt something sweet and recognized the scent of wolf urine."
  • "She sniffed again but her nose was not sensitive enough to read the other messages in the urine that meant "all is well""
  • "It could not have been Jello for the scent did not have the bitter odor of an angry and desolate wolf."
  • ""Ayi!" she gasped. On the side of a ground swell lay Jello, his body torn in bloody shreds, his face contorted. Beside him lay her backpack!"
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