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woglet 2
Updated: 3/24/2020
woglet 2
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  • 7
  • I love being king.
  • 8
  • Wait, what?
  • For real?
  • 9
  • We got an idea.
  • This is gonna be good.
  • Medium long shot of Woglet sitting on his throne in the throne room. He is being immature and has brought a bunch of random girls to the castle. Camera zooms to Woglet talking to himself.
  • 10
  • Woglet is gonna hate this.
  • Switch to long shot of Wogdius the next day. He is telling Fob 1 and Fob 2 that his brother (King Woglet) came to visit him while he was sleeping and told him that his son (Woglet) killed him. Fob 1 and Fob 2 get upset.
  • 11
  • Camera zooms to Fob 1 and Fob 2's shifty faces. Fob 1 and Fob 2 tell Wogdius to get with Woglet's mum to get revenge. Camera pans right to a close up of Wogdius' excited face.
  • 12
  • You're gonna die!
  • Switch to medium long shot of a bedroom. The camera tilts up to show Wogdius with Woglet's mum Gerwog in bed. Gerwog argees to this since she feels sad that the king died.
  • The camera transitions to a long shot of the street where Woglet confronts Wogdius. Woglet is upset that Wogdius slept with his mother so he challenges Wogdius to a duel.
  • You deserved that!
  • The camera zooms into a a medium long shot of Woglet saying that it will be a duel to the death.
  • Let's see about that!
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