Woglet part 1
Updated: 3/24/2020
Woglet part 1
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  • 1
  • You can't be king! You have to wait until I die!
  • That's not fair! I want to the king now!
  • 2
  • AHHAAHA!!!
  • 3
  • Long shot of a quiet street. King Woglet firmly tells his son Woglet that he has to wait. Zoom into a midshot of Woglet yelling at his father.
  • 4
  • Zoom into Woglet's face (close up) where a light bulb has appeared. Switch to a long shot of Woglet grabbing coconuts from a nearby tree. Point of view shot as the coconut flies through the air and hits King Woglet in the temple. Zoom into King Woglet's head as blood pours from his head.
  • 5
  • How could this happen?
  • Camera transitions into the queen's room (long shot). The Queen hears sirens outside so she goes to her window. Camera zooms into a big close up as she sees her husband dead with police tape around him.
  • 6
  • Hello Brother.
  • Camera transitions to Wogdius' street (long shot). Wogdius is hanging out with Fob 1 and Fob 2, chilling and laughing. Lighting comes from a single streetlamp. It is starting to get dark.
  • Hey.
  • Sup guys.
  • Camera zooms onto Wogdius' front pants pocket as his phone starts to ring. Camera tilts to a close up of Wogdius' face as he gets a phone call. Zoom out to a long shot of Wogdius telling Fob 1 and Fob 2 the bad news of his brother's death.
  • WHYY?
  • Transition to a medium shot of Wogdius' bedroom) Camera follows Wogdius as he goes to his room (dolly). He starts to get ready to sleep but then the ghost of his brother (King Woglet) apears telling him that his son (Woglet) killed him.
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